Monday 15 May 2023

Artificial Intelligence Q1 2023

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I'm not really a fan of cross-posting however I consider the rapid evolution of AI/ Chat to be something very important and worth looking at closely, if only to reduce ones daily workload.


As the AI field hots up I am switching from an annual update to Quarterly although this will still leave you way behind, imho.. ;-)

Here are some specific events and products related to artificial intelligence that have occurred so far in 2023:

Google Launches New AI-Powered Assistant: In January 2023, Google launched a new AI-powered assistant called "Google Assistant Pro." The new assistant is designed to provide more personalized and contextually relevant responses to user queries.

Microsoft Acquires AI Start-Up: In February 2023, Microsoft announced that it had acquired an AI start-up called "Deep Learning Technologies." The start-up specializes in developing advanced deep learning algorithms for use in a variety of applications.

NVIDIA Announces New AI Hardware: In April 2023, NVIDIA announced a new set of hardware designed specifically for AI applications. The hardware, called the "NVIDIA AI Data Center," is designed to provide increased performance and efficiency for AI workloads.

GPT-4 is the largest and most powerful language model in existence, setting a new benchmark for natural language processing. is in the tech papers. Previously token size was 2048 tokens, now it is 8,192; a 4x increase in size. (most likely subject to pro plans or other variations)
expert reaction to OpenAI announcing GPT-4 -

These are just a few examples of specific events and products related to artificial intelligence that have occurred so far in 2023. As the year progresses we will see even more exciting developments in this rapidly evolving field.. imho. 

As interest grows exponentially I am finding that one must subscribe to some form of paid model to really use / experiment. In most cases paid plans appear to provide:

  • priority access
  • advanced features
  • higher output in words / images / tokens
  • higher input via pdf or other modalities

I compare this with music / concerts, if you really like a band then go / pay. :-) 

Matt Wolfe

I'd suggest that you check out Matt Wolfe on Y/T et al. I am not affiliated with Matt in any way (yet) but must reach out to him one of these days. He is doing some seriously heavy lifting in terms of keeping all of us up to date with what is going on, imho. 

Serious kudos to Matt Wolfe, thanks Matt..  find him via the links below.

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