Tuesday 2 May 2023

A Technocrat's Perspective #12

I've always believed in the abilty of technology to impove my quality of life, less work, more money.. <g> alas it's been a long time coming, but guess what - it is here now - courtesy of the AI's

Perhaps you are playing around with;- 


or the circa 1500 tools that are out there, courtesy of Matt Wolfe's heavy lifting.

As a tech nerd crunching the syntax is a compelling challenge. 


FYI: I wrote this myself ;-) although I could go get a real good post from ChatGPT with keyword max, fire up some cool images from MidJourney et al but that would be too easy ;-) - except it is tempting to pivot to llElevenLabs, let it talk to you.. <g>


As you read (more perhaps) you could listen to the fully / totally AI powered radio 

https://listen.streamon.fm/radiogpt  |  from https://futurimedia.com/

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