Wednesday 8 December 2021

IE Two characters (literally)

I get weird test email all the time - possibly from those who do not know about 2 character IE domains. 
I had a quick look at the 26 matching alpha domains and the results are as follows;-

Somewhat ironically (by my estimates) there are only two 'individual characters' currently using their two character .IE... lol

I feel obliged to reach out to Kieran Kenny in Wexford? as the only other privateer in Ireland
Good man Kieran, but - Tir Eoghain Abú ;-)

Sunday 17 October 2021

Whooshh Innovations fish passage system

Whooshh Innovations fish passage system enables fish to migrate safely, timely, efficiently and effectively.

FYI Whooshh are running an investment campaign via Start Engine...

I am not affiliated with Whooshh in any way, (at time of posting) this is not investment advice, you're swimming on your own ;-)

Thursday 29 July 2021

ShapeShift is Decentralizing

It is most fascinating to read Erik Voorhees's (CEO - )
post from July 14th 2021 entitled;-

ShapeShift is Decentralizing

I'd like to draw your attention to one particular statement Erik made;-

"Faster than most of us recognize, we are moving toward an open, immutable financial system. It started with Bitcoin as immutable base money, but it doesn’t end there.

It ends when we have an entire system of money, credit, and value exchange that is captured by no central entity, and subservient to no flag. A system that empowers all of humanity equitably, just like the mathematics upon which it is built."

Sunday 31 January 2021

The blind leading the blind

On the theme of songs / music 'of the time' this one / the narrative / the sentiment is compelling... 

The blind leading the blind... the ineptitude exhibited by Governments in handling the pandemic now in full view...

Govt = the Unable appointed by the Uninterested to do the Unnecessary... imho

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