Saturday 31 December 2022



Wednesday 23 March 2022

Censorship is Wrong

As an internet specialist for over 25+ years it pains me to report gross infringement of my rights as an individual to access whatsoever I want.

I abhor thought police.

To be clear this is in response to the COUNCIL REGULATION (EU) 2022/350 of 1 March 2022
amending Regulation (EU) No 833/2014 concerning restrictive measures in view of Russia's actions destabilising the situation in Ukraine

I will / may provide a detailed article / analyses shortly but I would ask all of you to stand up now to insist that the individual must be able to read all internet (and others / all) sources freely and without hindrance / censorship.

In the meantime I would suggest the following sources for an educated / insightful view of this highly manipulated / designed / orchestrated crisis.  alas The Saker blog is now frozen.