Friday 12 May 2023

A Technocrat's Perspective #13

Given the astounding pace of development in LLM I thought it would be useful to share some tools with you all as I find them.

I will retroactively comb through my own tools section and repost former content with the tag LLM Tools and /or Prompt Engineering, or Chrome Add-ons as appropriate. My normal / standard frequency posting is now circa every 10 days.

Caveat: use any / all plug-ins / add-ons at your own risk and be aware of security considerations and permissions extended to the plug-in / add-on.


Chrome add-ons are adding another level of functionality to ChatGPT / LLM overall.

Voice Control for ChatGPT with 300k users!

ChatGPT for Google with 2M users!

AIPRM for ChatGPT with 1M+ users

On blogs TL;DR etc - Merlin ChatGPT Assistant for all Websites 700k + users

Overall reading into reviews there is a degree of scrambling to keep up with ChatGPT changes. In that context plug-ins may not work as expected given the curation time lag for updates.

These are offered as is, I have not tested each one yet but I am happy to rely on Google's curation (to an extent) with regard to using them. Please note that there are significant variations in the privacy / use of data aspect.

Tip: Forgive me for suggesting the obvious but when you are in the Chrome Store for any of the above if you click on the Related tab you will see additional plug-ins / add-ons.

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