Friday 29 April 2016 proposal to the DAO now available UG is Blockchain + IoT solutions company registered in Germany (HRB 30026).

The DAO framework is side project of UG and a gift to the Ethereum community. It consists of a definitive whitepaper, smart contract code audited by a highly regarded global security company. The software is free and open source for anyone to re-use. are developing the Ethereum Computer, whilst the final specifications are not available at this time it is likely that the design will be based on either Raspberry Pi or Samsung Artik running Ubuntu Core.

The unit will make it much easier to bring blockchain technology to the entire home or the office and allow individuals or companies or communities to rent access to any compatible smart object and accept payments without intermediaries.

You can now download the proposal directly via the link below,  You can also find discussion on:-

Read more about it:-
on this thread at
more about 
the Ethereum Computer
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